CheerpJ Converts Your Java Apps To JavaScript Apps Without Accessing Source Code

Makers of Cheerp, a C++-to-JavaScript compiler, are here with their second offering, CheerpJ. CheerpJ converts any Java application and library to a browser-based web application. Notably, CheerpJ doesn’t need a source code access to compile Java bytecode into JavaScript. While CheerpJ’s limited release will take place in July, its full […]

Top 5 Most Hackable Countries In The World In 2017

There’s no denying the fact that cyber attacks are on the rise. Rapid7’s National Exposure Index throws light on how vulnerable are individual countries to attacks like DDoS, eavesdropping, etc. According to the report of the most hackable countries featuring data for 183 countries, Zimbabwe is the most exposed. It […]

This Phone Can Make Calls Even Without A Battery

A phone call might be possible even with a dead battery. Researchers Talla and Smith in the lab at the University of Washington, Seattle realized the importance of a battery-free phone. They introduced ‘backscatter’ technology to enhance communications; also emphasizing on the efficiency of analog technology. The initial experiments though […]

Linux Kernel 4.12 Released — These Are The 5 Biggest Features

After the usual development process involving seven release candidates, Linus Torvalds has released Linux kernel 4.12. Regarding commits, probably, it’s the second biggest kernel release. The most significant feature of kernel 4.12 is the support for new AMD Vega graphics processors. You can go ahead and download the Linux kernel […]

HTC U11 was Antutu’s best performing smartphone of May 2017

Antutu’s top ten best-performing smartphones of May take the average benchmark scores of all the tests run on Antutu’s benchmarking app during the entire month of May. This is the first month since the iPhone 7 Plus’ release that Apple’s fastest iOS device is no longer the fastest smartphone in […]

OnePlus 5’s jelly scrolling possibly caused by upside-down screen

Some OnePlus 5 owners have reported encountering a strange “jelly-like” scrolling effect over the past few days since the phone was released. According to their posts on Reddit and other social networks, the text and images on their screen expand and shrink as they swipe in the opposite direction. The […]

Apple Looks Back at the iPhone Decade

  Apple’s iPhone celebrated its 10th anniversary this week. And although the company didn’t have a big celebration, the Internet was flooded with looks back at the original iPhone, what it offered, and what it meant to the mobile and technology industries as a whole. Fortune had several iPhone anniversary […]

29 Interesting Facts About The Internet You Really Need To Know

Most of us can not imagine life without access to the internet for reasons ranging from social networking to doing projects and collecting information. But, not all of us know about many interesting facts about the internet and its usage. Here, we bring to you a list of 29 most […]