Top 16 Rules and Regulations For Electrical Safety

Safety rules and regulation for Electrical engineer/ Electrician / Construction Workers

  1. Always ‘switch off’ the main switch before replacing the blown fuse.
  2. Always use correct size of fuse replacing a blown fuse.
  • Always maintain earth connection is satisfactory condition, safely depends upon good earthing.
  1. Be aware of live bare conductor
  2. Before replacing lamp or tan, be sure that switch is in off position.
  3. Before switching on current to the portable equipment make that it is properly earthed and insulation is good.
  • Be sure that all connections are well right
  • Before working on in inducting cable or circuit discharge them.
  1. Don’t forget to put on the safety belt before starting work above ground level or pole.
  2. Never disconnect the plug point by pulling the flexible wire.
  3. Never touch on overhead line unless sure that it is dead.
  • Never energize a line unless you are sure that no one is working on line.
  • While working on motor or generator make sure that no-one can put it to ‘ON’ position without your permission.
  • When cell are being charged in a room always main good ventilation.
  1. Smoke is prohibited on the battery room.
  • Rubber mats are placed in front of electrical panels and switch board etc.



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