Weird fact about the male body

  1.  Snoring: It is normal to snore. According to American for sleep medicine about 40 of habitual shore twice as which as a female which is only 24%. (You might have to wake up your own snore.)
  2.  Men’s teeth are larger: All teeth of males are larger than females.    Specifically pointy Conine teeth. It’s because of evolution because of our closest ancestor chimpanzees. Short our closest 4 use it to dominance in a group by pulling back their lips to show off their teeth and power. So males have larger teeth.
  3.  Hair: Men typically have darker hair than females. As men go through puberty they produce a higher amount of melanin. Which is responsible for skin, hair, and eye Color. More melanin means darker colors.
  4. Skin: Men actually have thick skin Men generate more testosterone which stimulates the skin. Cells too. & Men’s skin is @about 25% thick than women’s. Men also have tougher skin which is also an evolutionary adaptation. As well as. Bi-product of more testosterone.
  5. Men’s body has the ability to slow the aging than women’s.
  6. The Foreskin of the penis: It is a double layer of skin and mucus. The membrane that covers the head of the penis. It served as a type of protection in the past before the development of clothes. It prevented dust and another insect (bug bite).
  7. The mucus under the foreskin has had an effect and according to e WHO the foreskin allows the HIV virus for an entry point. Man & who are cis cum caused (Muslim) have a reduced risk of contracting HIV & by 60%.
  8. Removal of the foreskin in Egyptian started from around 2300 BCE. It gets Common in around. 1800’s.
  9. In the ancient period male usually mate with. Many females and compete to pass their DNA to the next generation the head of the penis mushroom shape is actually pretty good at extracting another male’s sperm from the female’s Reproductive system during Sex and giving its own sperm a better chance at reaching the egg. A fact supported by the Journal of evolutionary psychology.
  10. Semen: Only 1 to 5% of the liquid is made up of sex cells. Three male bodies are needed to generate and mix semen together. Sperm are made in testes.

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